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Florida lawns look best with UltimateFlora Zoysia grass

UltimateFlora® Zoysia Grass

UltimateFlora® Zoysia grass is a beautiful and low maintenance turf for residential lawns in warm climates. With its darker leaf color, fewer seed heads, more refined leaf structure and faster growth rate than standard Meyer zoysia grass, UltimateFlora┬« Zoysia is perfect for residential lawns, parks and common areas. It is more drought tolerant and pest resistant than St. Augustine grass, and has a lower impact on the environment due to the reduced need for watering, fertilizers, and pesticides.

UltimateFlora® Zoysia Grass

Before and after photos of an UltimateFlora Zoysia lawn installation.
  • Deep green color
  • Lush look of a Northern lawn
  • Tolerant of drought
  • Tolerant of shade
  • Tolerant of high traffic
  • Tolerant of most herbicides.
  • Fairly tolerant of salt
  • Chinch bug resistant
  • Less mowing and watering than St. Augustine lawns
  • Establishes quicker than most other zoysia grasses
  • Fewer seed heads than other zoysia grasses
  • Minimal fertilizer required - 1 to 2 pounds of nitrogen annually per 1,000 square feet - use 10-0-20 or similar numbers
  • Recommended mowing heights: 2.5 inches with a sharp-bladed rotary mower, don't let it get over 3 inches
Ultimate zoysia grass for your Florida lawn

Accolades for UltimateFlora® Zoysia Grass

UltimateFlora® Zoysia was recently featured on the NBC Today Show with host Ann Curry and co-host Jason Cameron from Desperate Landscapes. Curry stated of the featured lawn "It's stunning, really stunning."

It has also been selected for lawns at several demonstration projects including the Birmingham Home, the Garden Inspiration Home in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, and the 2006 New Southern Home in St. Cloud, Florida.

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